GDA design & architecture, inc.

……where we listen to your needs and aspirations to provide you with an engaging design for your new home, addition, or renovation project: a design that will reflect bold intention, by achieving your objectives and realizing your vision.
……where your needs as a Massachusetts homeowner are respected as paramount, and where the rich New England traditions can be melded with a touch of European style and design sensibility.
……where we welcome you as an active participant in the design process from start to finish, empowering you as a partner to explore avenues of design ideas and, perhaps, find unexpected inspiration from within, just waiting to emerge.

“Architectural design as a process of discovery”

If you get excited when you imagine any of the following for your new or existing home design project:

  • Maximizing the potential for taking full advantage of, and enjoying your available views;
  • Using a space conducive to food preparation, entertaining, and enjoying the company of your friends and family;
  • Being immersed within an environment which encourages focusing, studying, and research;
  • Developing opportunities aimed at enhancing your artistic creative experience, whether in the visual arts or in the performing arts;
  • Organizing the space to highlight the sense of discovery and enjoyment of a “special” piece of art or of your art collection;
  • Surrounding yourself with a serene atmosphere permeated with a sense of peace and tranquility aimed at increasing your spirituality, and deep soul searching;

Then, GDA design & architecture, inc. can help you bring to life your imagination and bring your excitement to full fruition.